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Farmland Management FAQ's

What is Farm Management? 
Professional Farm Management is designed to assist a land owner realize maximum profits from their land ownership.  The term Farm management can be anything from custom farming, farm rental for a specific price, or even crop sharing.  The farm managers responsibility is to work with the land owner to determine what works best for their situation and to maximize their profits and returns.  A farm manager also provides detailed and accurate accounting and other related records to the land owner.
Can I Lease my Farm? 
Yes, you will have the option to keep current tenant, change tenant, custom farm or cash rent.
Who sees day to day operations? 
If you choose to custom farm then we “North West Farm Management” will be making sure operations are done in a timely manner, and provide accurate record keeping.

Who does Payroll and Taxes? 
We will keep your books current as far as income expense, then you can have your CPA handle your taxes or use our Agricultural CPA.
What if the farm loses money? 
We always recommend you plan for a down year due to unseen conditions, drought or drop in commodity prices, but our long term  averages over 3 to 5 years normally keep our owners in a positive return.
Can I manage the farm and hire you as a consultant? 
We would be glad to assist you anyway we can.
How do I know how we are doing from month to month? 
We will provide you with monthly bank statements and any other information you need.

Are there  upfront costs? 
No upfront costs to us. We are paid only as income comes into the farm.