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Farm Acquisition Services in the North West

If you are looking to purchase a farm or farmland in Washington or Idaho, you’ll want to talk to folks who know the industry well and will work hard to get what you need. Fortunately, the team at Northwest Farmland Management are experts in the field. Not only are we realtors, we are also 5th Generation Wheat Farmers. The Northwest farmers are a tight knit group and word of mouth often spreads faster than real estate listings. Many times we hear about potential farms that may be coming up on the market, before they actually get listed. To get in on the ground floor of a farmland acquisition it’s best to know the local farmers and to work with them. Farmland Management, LLC., is a great place to start looking for listings.

We understand what it means to be a farmer. We know many of the Washington State farmers on a first name basis and we’ve seen many changes to the land acquisition process occur over the decades of being in business.

Once you’ve taken the steps needed and are then farmland owners, we can assist you should you need either farmland management or crop insurance. For more information, please give us a call or come in and visit our Walla Walla office.

We would love to assist you in your next farm land purchase.