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Relocation FAQs

If you are looking at Walla Walla homes for sale and thinking about moving to the area you may have some basic questions. Below are some frequently asked questions from homebuyers from outside the area. If you have any questions you would like answers to or if we can help you find a home in Walla Walla or Dayton WA, please feel free to Contact Us.

What is the price per acre for bare land in the Walla Walla Area?
That answer varies on if it is mountain property, year round access, river frontage or tillable farmland. You just have to travel 30 miles in any direction and you have totally different terrain and elevation. This is a unique geography. There certainly are some great farming properties for sale or even just a couple of acre horse property.

What is the Walla Walla housing market like?
We see a huge improvement in the amount of homes being sold and the prices since the decline in the housing market in 2009. It still is a seller’s market but with the low interest rate it is a great time to become a home owner. See our Walla Walla Real Estate Market Report

What do farmers grow around here?
In the Walla Walla Area the majority of the crops are dryland wheat with this rich soil they produce about 100 bushels per acre winter wheat and about 40 bushels for the spring wheat crop. Then you have the strawberry fields and we are famous for the Walla Walla Sweet Onions. There is garbanzo beans and peas but the most famous crop that brings people far and wide is the grapes. Walla Walla is often referred to as the “Next Napa Valley” with over 100 wineries. If you are interested in a vineyard property they do occasionally come on the market in our MLS.

What is the elevation?
The elevation in Walla Walla is about 1,000 feet and it gradually rises and is about 1,600 feet in Dayton and as you continue to Ski Bluewood the base elevation is 4,545 and at the top 5,670. That is 1,125 vertical lift which makes for a great family ski resort.

Why do you like living in Walla Walla or Dayton?
Well to start off you can sit outside and not get attacked by mosquitoes. That might sound funny but the climate is so comfortable, we do get four seasons but nothing too extreme. People are so friendly, when you walk down the street people wave and greet you with a smile. I like the small town feel. The housing is affordable which makes it attractive to people relocating.

I'm moving to Walla Walla, what is public transportation like?
Columbia County Public Transportation won the Washington State Transit Insurance Diamond Award, that is something to brag about. They effectively and efficiently provide safe, clean, reliable and comfortable service for Columbia, Garfield and Walla Walla County. They provide transportation to students at all the public schools and to students attending the three area colleges located in Walla Walla. There is a van service from Dayton, Pomeroy and Walla Walla to Little Goose Lock & Dam. They allow for affordable transportation with the price of gas these days.

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