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Feb 26, 2018

Updated Mar 15, 2018

Seller actions may influence the marketability of a listing. Some typical mistakes made by sellers of Washington properties are worse than others. Sellers should understand the effect they can have and avoid the mistakes below.

Typical Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Washington Properties

Failing to Clean

Keeping a home constantly clean may be a challenge particularly when you are still using the space. It is critical to clean up prior to showings and open houses. Buyers may focus on little about a property and more of the clutter inside, so not spending enough time cleaning will make your property less marketable. Additionally, buyers assume that owners who do not clean their property also neglect important repairs. Cleaning up helps properties sell quicker and for a higher price.

Complicated Viewing Instructions

Requesting too much notification for showings limits the buyers that will visit the property. Another mistake is not making it easy to get keys for a home through a lock box. When there are plenty of listings on the market, people will focus on properties that are easy to show. Difficult showing instructions result in decreased opportunities and lengthier listing time frames.

Attending Buyer Visits

Sellers may wish to be present during showings, but this can negatively impact things. Buyers can feel uncomfortable touring a home under the watchful eye of an owner. Also, too much talking with a seller may distract a buyer from the property itself. Buyers prefer to take time to explore a property and to speak freely with one another about their emotions. Also, sellers and buyers interacting directly with each other can lead to inferences about motivation and contract terms.

Incorrect Pricing

Price is directly related to days on market and selling price. Of the typical mistakes made by sellers of Washington properties, this one is most critical. It is understandable for homeowners to have an attachment to a home and to try and get the highest price possible. However, this often results in pricing too high. Overpriced properties take much longer to sell than correctly priced ones. As time passes, the listing ages and is less intriguing to buyers. The home will sell for less after price reductions and more marketing time. For this reason, there is typically no advantage to overpricing listings. Connect with a real estate agent for an estimated market price and hold off on listing your property if the figures are not acceptable to you.

For Sale By Owner

Some owners prefer not to employ a real estate professional. Although it is possible, there may be many issues and costly mistakes during the process. Real estate professionals are experienced with marketing a property, acting as an intermediary, negotiating deals, and promoting the interests of sellers. They also monitor changes in the market. Experience will make a difference, especially during changing market conditions.

Sellers Affect The Outcome

Sellers play a critical role in the listing of real estate. The typical mistakes made by sellers of Washington properties above are only some examples. An experienced real estate broker can prevent other listing pitfalls. For more tips on this and other real estate topics, contact Blaine Bickelhaupt at (509) 382-2020 or blaineb@bluemountainrealtors.com.

Blaine Bickelhaupt, DB, Licensed in WA & ID
Blaine Bickelhaupt
DB, Licensed in WA & ID
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