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Feb 26, 2018

Updated Mar 22, 2018

Real estate purchases often involve many negotiations along the way. It may be intricate and emotional as every party needs to feel that the result benefits them, or is at least a fair compromise. This article offers tips on negotiating offers for Washington homes.

What You Muse Consider Prior to Negotiating

Understanding the Market

You should not overlook the real estate market and its influence which party has more advantage. In a buyer's market, buyers mostly have more control because of the volume of listings for sale. In a seller's market, the seller maintains control due to a shortage of inventory and increased demand. Consider the type of market before developing a strategy.

Bargaining Power

Several factors may influence negotiating position. For example, personal situations such as the absolute need to sell can make the other party think that they may take a more aggressive approach. It is very important to hold this information from others. The presentation of more than one offer can also affect which party has additional leverage. Know your power prior to devising a Strategy, because you may have few opportunities to alter your strategy afterwards.

It Is Not Only About The Sale Price

Sales price is not the only term up for negotiation. Evaluate all the terms of an offer including dates, contingencies, escrow amounts, requested repairs, and financing terms. Some of these may have pros and cons. Get advice from a broker on whether what you are submitting is fair or may be perceived negatively by the other party. Being unflexible on certain issues may prevent success.

The Role of Real Estate Professionals

Real estate brokers maintain two essential roles in the process. First, they have useful knowledge and experience relating to terms and other conditions in an offer. Second of all, they can function as a buffer between buyer and seller and hold deals together that may otherwise fall apart.

Tips On Negotiating Offers For Washington Homes

To improve your chances, evaluate market conditions, grasp your bargaining position, evaluate the details of contracts, and obtain guidance from a knowledgeable real estate broker. You may not get everything that you want out of a deal. The goal is to have a compromise that buyer and seller can both agree to and for all parties to feel they were offered fair consideration. Tips on negotiating offers for Washington homes is only an overview. Contact a professional for comprehensive guidance.

Blaine Bickelhaupt, DB, Licensed in WA & ID
Blaine Bickelhaupt
DB, Licensed in WA & ID
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